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The 7 Most Essential Affiliate Market Tools For For Every Affiliate Marketer


Affiliate marketing is simply a way to earn money from another company or individual by promoting their products or services online.

If you are not connected with a mentor, becoming a super affiliate marketer will require hard work, charisma, and perseverance to succeed.

Making money while you sleep is the dream for most digital marketers. When done properly, affiliate marketing lets you generate the holy grail of financial independence: passive income.

Affiliates marketing tools can help you to generate passive, because you can theoretically earn money just by adding an affiliate link to your site. Readers can click links 24/7 without your input.

That said, you won’t earn anything if you don’t know what you are doing as a “newbie” with little or no experience in online business, especially if you decide to go it on your own, wishing yourself luck on the journey.

Most aspiring internet entrepreneurs go the route of trial and error, hit and miss, and sooner or later hit on brick walls. While in the process lost money, and terminate their journey in frustration.

Affiliate marketing tools 2020 is popular among digital marketers because it is a straightforward way to earn some quick and easy income without having to break the bank in getting started.


Here Are The 7 Essential Affiliate Market Tools For Every Affiliate Marketer

#1 A Domain Name: What is it?

A domain name is your webpage or website name. It is the address where persons using the Internet can access your website. Every domain name is unique, and it must first be registered and hosted before you can use it.

Why Is A Domain Name Such An Important Tools?

So many affiliate market beginners ask this question: “What domain name should I choose for my online affiliate business?”

A powerful domain name helps brand you, your product or your business. They help you to stand out above the crowd. They last long and gain value over time.

On the other hand, a poor domain name can negatively affect your business.

Product-Centric domain name is the correct way to go. If you have a product or a service, then don’t stop searching until you find a relevant domain name to promote it.

However, most affiliate marketers in starting out, don’t have a product or service. So what should you do?

Keys to choosing a great domain name:

  •  Buy one that is easy to remember
  •  One easy to spell
  •  One to help to build your brand. Must be consistent with what you are doing
  •  One that makes a promise especially for a branding intent
  •  One that is descriptive
  •  Get a .com domain name if at all possible

My Experience:
I use the Namecheap domain service company, because I find them to be reliable, consistent, efficient, and dependable. Their up time is excellent, probably 99.9%. Not sure of this but I have never experienced any downtime, not that I can remember.

Their support service is round the clock, any time of day or night any where in the world you are located.

For almost 20 years now, Namecheap has been dedicated to making the internet accessible and affordable as one of the affiliate market tools for beginners in online business.

I have been using Namecheap from the fifth year of my online experience in 2009. Everything that I need to know about getting started with affiliate marketing is included in their resource center.

That is why I highly recommend Namecheap as a reliable and affordable domain service provider
(my affiliate link)


#2 Hosting Service Provider: What is it?

A hosting service provider is also known as Web hosting service provider.

Websites or webpages are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.

A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business opportunity that provides the services and technologies needed for your webpage or website to be viewed on the World Wide Web.

Most hosting companies require you to have your domain ready in order to host with them. If you do not have your own domain, they will help you acquire one.

Why Hosting So Important To Be In This Set Of Tools?

Unless you are an influencer on Instagram, to start an affiliate or any other business on the internet, you must acquire a domain name and hosting for it.

Hosting services such as cloud hosting, is a great option if you want to make sure you have a lot of storage space to work with. But if you are just starting out on your affiliate marketing business, you don’t need all that space.

But that is something for you to consider as you look ahead on becoming a super affiliate marketer.

My Experience:

I have been using Siteground for the past 4 years, as a happy and satisfied customer. I am overly confident that if I get stuck with a challenge, live chat tech support is there 24/7 to get me up and running in record time, guaranteed.

They have honestly NEVER failed to solve my concerns. There are always willing, polite and incredibly helpful support staff I find delightful to deal with.

SiteGround is officially recommended by, Joomla and Drupal.

Hosting and domain name usually go hand in glove, and that is the case with SiteGround. My first domain is hosted with them. In fact they offered a FREE domain with their hosting service.

You can learn more about SiteGround hosting from this link (my affiliate link)

#3 Landing Page Builder With A Lead Magnet: What is it?

A landing page builder is a program that builds beautiful landing pages.

What is a landing page?

True to word, a landing page is just a page someone lands on. That’s where they go when they click a link.

That page could be a blog post, or a a sales letter, or a squeeze page, or a a download page among others.

A landing page is a specially designed page for one single purpose: Sending a prospect to a landing or squeeze page where they are offered a free gift for putting in their email address and sometimes their first name.

The only way to build a list is to put up a landing page, known also as a lead capture page, or a squeeze page.

The purpose of a landing page is to build an army of people who will eventually get to know you, and as relationship develops will get to like you, who learn to trust you and will therefore buy from you.

We want people to join our mailing list by offering them an incentive to subscribe.

Some marketers call this an “ethical bribe”. Private question: (How how can a bribe ever be ethical.)

No matter what we may call it, it is something of value that we offer people who visit our site to get them to join our mailing list.

What’s A Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a small piece of helpful content that you give away in exchange for a person giving you their information to join your list.

Some things to consider when creating an eye-catching lead magnet are like: how to guides, how to do a particular thing, resource guides, where can you get resources to do a particular thing,  mind maps, checklists, tool-kits, cheat-sheets.

Powerful lead magnet include anything that helps an individual take steps toward their goal.

An eye-catching lead magnet is powerful, but incomplete. It is like a bate to whet their appetite to draw them into your net, where you will get them on your list to ultimately make the sales.


#4 Sales Funnel That Converts: What is it?

A sales funnel is a software with a series of steps to turn strangers into customers.

The number of steps can vary from a few to many depending on type of funnel. Sales funnel is one of those incredible affiliates marketing tools for making sales and building your subscribers list, and is also a form of automation for your affiliate marketing business.

Funnels work because they take a prospective buyer through a logical series of three small commitments stages leading up to a sale. These three stages are:

Here is an example of awareness, persons are aware that they have a problem, but they might not be aware that there is a ready and available solution to the problem.

Your emails follow up will make them aware of solution for their problem, and then begin to evaluate potential solutions to their problem.  They evaluate offers that can solve the problem, and people who could offer those solutions, and then they move into conversion.

A sales funnel moves a person through all those steps smoothly, easily, seamlessly and automatically.

The funnel allows you to build relationship by moving the prospective customer up the stairs from awareness, to evaluation, and eventually, conversion.

Sales funnel is a tool for selling things online, you build it and set it up once, and profit from it many times over.

Affiliate Marketers who get the best results (over 80% increase) from a sales funnel also include a “Bridge Page“.

Bridge Page: What is a Bridge Page?

A bridge page is a page that subscribers see after they submit their information and before they see the sales letter for the affiliate offer.

This is the piece of tool that most (97%) affiliates leave out of their tool kit.  This is the main reason why most affiliates are just not making any real money.

Maybe they make a hundred dollars here, and a couple hundred dollars there, but if affiliate marketing is so popularly awesome, then what is causing the majority of  affiliates to struggle with making more money?

Here is one big reason for their dismal and poor results, they are sending cold traffic to a sales page, asking at the same time for the sale without any relationship between them and their subscribers.

It’s like comparing a man meeting a pretty girl the first time at a social gathering and asking her to marry him on the spot.

Normally that is not going to happen, it’s not impossible, but if she says yes, you better raise your antenna, except it’s an act of God.

The steps to solve this problem is to create a squeeze page, with a great lead magnet, and send the traffic to that squeeze page to building your list.

From your squeeze page you send them to a bridge page. That is the missing link in in ninety seven percent affiliate marketing.

You’ve got a squeeze page, and you’ve got a bridge place.

That’s the missing link.

Kartra can help you to put all the pieces together


#5 Autoresponder Service Provider: What is an autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a computer program that allows email messages to be sent out automatically to a list of subscribers on a scheduled basis. Email messages can be written once, and then delivered to each subscriber on a schedule decide by you, to go out one after the other in a cycle.

An autoresponder is a must for every successful affiliate marketer. If you want a series of messages to go out, and you don’t want to do that every day yourself; then you need to program them into an autoresponder that will send them out on the schedule that you dictate.

Very, easy stuff to learn.

When some one responds to an ad you are running or visits your site, they should have the opportunity to join a list about the particular product you are promoting.

This is one of the most important affiliate market tools. Every affiliate entrepreneur using an email follow up system is by far the easiestfastest, and most effective way to succeed as an affiliate marketer from beginners to those with years of experience and success.

Autoresponders help you automate campaigns and manage one-to-one communication with your recipients. They can be sent in a sequence or at intervals, starting from the day a contact signs up to your list, e.g. Day 1 (the day a contact subscribes), then day 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 14.

The autoresponders are useful if you want to send a broadcast message to contacts who join your list. 

The Autoresponder gives you the ability to create and manage benefits as follows:

  • Add a message to the autoresponder cycle to go out at a determined date and time. You can create a new autoresponder message from scratch, or you can use existing newsletters, autoresponders, and drafts. 
  • Manage messages in list view, and the calendar view.
  • Adjust messages to different days in the autoresponder cycle as you want.
  • Decide which days of the week you want your messages to go.
  • Adjusting the schedule to different time zones for autoresponders messages to go out.  
  • Import contacts to the autoresponder cycle, export them, or move them to a different cycle.
  • You can check message status and statistics, preview, edit, and duplicate your message
  • View the number of users on a particular day of the cycle.

The Autoresponders setting will only react to subscriptions, imports and contacts added manually. Make sure to check the box add to cycle on day for your subscription method, or when you add contacts to your account, to get them started on the autoresponder cycle. 

Are you making money with your autoresponder?

Apart from promoting it as an affiliate, there are three other ways to turn your autoresponder from an expense into a profit center.

  • Create a follow-up system: Use your autoresponder to send messages at the rate of one message per day.
  • Publish you own Newsletter, and monetize the newsletter: For eg. Sell advertising to others, promote products in it as often as you like, and let your readers become affiliates for your products!
  • Create passive income with a fixed term membership: Here’s how, Find some great content that can be delivered weekly as a PDF attachment or inside the email itself. Use high quality PLR products. I can help you identify profitable plr products.

Very soon you can start raking in payments every day/week/month from happy subscribers.


#6 Tracking Software Service Provider: What is it?

A tracking software is a method devised to monitor how many hits or clicks your advertisement receive. It is one of the most powerful affiliates market tools, because it helps the affiliate marketer to know where most of the revenue is coming from.

You will now be in a better position to personalize and tweak your ads to reach more relevant customers, and better still, to reach new customers.

I must confess using an ad tracking software, I find to be a bit time consuming, it’s a disciplined habit, and like all disciplines are a bit challenging at the beginning, but later the results are rewarding.

Once we get into the habit of always using an ad tracker, and use it strategically, we can measure and improve our results.

That said, it is an absolutely necessity if you are working for long and lasting success. Check it out for yourself, every successful online business use an ad tracking software.

There are certain things universally true and common to all successful business online, like a mailing list, a blog or some form of web page, an autoresponder, and of course a tracking device software.

Basically there are only two types of tracking that matter most, visitor tracking and click tracking. Click tracking means how many people click an ad that you promote. While visitor tracking shows how people behave once they reach your site.

These are 4 Ad Tracking mistakes to avoid:
  1 Not using a tracker is the first mistake
  2 Changing tracking software too often
  3 Under using your ad tracker; track some of the right thinks, but not everything
  4 Over using your ad tracker can also be a serious mistake

Here are 4 things you should track:
  1 Traffic sources like solo ads, facebook ads, ppc ads
  2 Advertising sources, like three solo ads, each needs its own tracking
  3 Conversion to your mailing list, when you have leads coming in from different sources
  4 Sales conversions. As an affiliate marketer, you add info to the end of your link

How to Get It?
For visitor tracking, I use and recommend Google Analytics which is totally free to use,

Here are my two favorite ad trackers. These are not affiliate links.


#7 Automation: What Is It?

Automation gives you the opportunity to work less. Some one says, you set it and forget it.

Here is the secret to online success according to Charlie Page: “Automating your business so that you can have many small flows of income is the thing that most people should be working on more than anything else.”

The sad state of affairs is that these affiliate marketing tools are promoted in a manner to make us believe that just owning these tools will cause us make the money.  That is definitely not true at all – there are online marketers who use Aweber for years and don’t have a list or aren’t making any money from their list.

Similarly, there are entrepreneurs who know how to build blogs, and have in fact built a host of them, but still are not making any money from them.

If you ask me, I believe a big misunderstanding about making money online boils down to this…..

it is not being the #1  seller on Amazon for a day, nor staging the million dollar launch that creates true financial freedom.

It is having an internet business that creates multiple streams of income that creates true time and money freedom.

Many giant rivers get their water from small and steady flowing tributaries.

The wonderful truth about establishing a business online is that there are tools that can almost completely automate all areas, saving you time and money. And the more you automate the more free time you create too, so it’s a win-win!

Here are areas to automate for your online business:

1 Traffic: You need traffic, and you can automate that with paid PPC traffic.
2 Follow-Up: You need to follow up with your subscribers, and an Autoresponder automate all that.
3 Blogging automates your content: Blogging enables you to enter articles on your blog today and decide when they get published as far into the future as you want.
4 Affiliate Program: Kartra is a company through which you can sell your product and have affiliates too.
5 Support: Virtual Assistants automate your support portal. You will lose some personal touch by using assistants, but if your goal is to have more time to do other things, it is a very cost effective way to go.


I love affiliate marketing, and that’s why I do my research before I make a decision or take action.

Your affiliate marketing business is just that, a real business, and you must treat it as such to grow bigger.

If you want to score big in your affiliate marketing business, don’t send cold traffic directly to a sales page. Send them to a squeeze page, then put a bridge page behind your squeeze page, before they go to the sales letter, and always, always follow up with email.

The affiliate who wins in this business is not the talented genius as much as it is the one who learns how to do the basics well and keeps doing them over and over again.

If you learn to implement these basics essential tools in your business and take action on them, you will be light years ahead of those who keep trying to buy success with the next hyped up product launch.

With these tools, you will find the seeds of success that, when planted in the good soil of your mind, will lead to a harvest that is bigger than you can now imagine.

When you master these basic skills and do them repeatedly, time will become your friend. Promoting and selling affiliate products will become automatic and you will have more free time to enjoy your success too.

And that is a healthy combination for real!

You make money by helping people get what they want in life.

And that’s a beautiful way to make a living with your online affiliate marketing business.

Thanks for reading and take action NOW!.

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