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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Success Checklist

Want to be a Master Affiliate?

We are going to look over the shoulder of a master expert in affiliate marketing and copy the nuts and bolts in a most lucrative program on the world wide web.

Affiliate Marketing is where most successful online entrepreneurs started their online success.

But let us start at the beginning:

What is Affiliate Marketing Especially for Beginners?

These are the basics:

  • It’s a quick and easy way to make a living from home
  • You create an income by you selling other people’s products, or
  • Or, other people selling your products
  • You get a commission from selling these products
  • Commission can range from single digit up to 100%
  • Successful affiliates follow a proven blueprint formula
  • It’s a proven path to a predictable and profitable business
  • They use automation to their advantage
  • They quickly build a mailing list
  • They develop a trusting relationship with their list
  • Affiliate marketing is a real business that you own
  • Knowing the numbers, when you are losing, breaking even or making a profit: your ROI
  • Choosing the best tools and knowing how to use them is key

Choosing the right products is key to your success. One criteria for choosing is an evergreen product that have up-sell, down-sell and cross-sell with a  monthly recurring income

This article will show you the proven method that can easily take you from where you are presently to where you want to be in the next few months to a year.

Why so many online marketers start with affiliate marketing?

Simple, because it is the easiest and quickest way to get your feet wet in online business and see positive results in short order.

Now, listen to this, our master affiliate who is giving us a step by step guide to becoming an expert over a short space of time, has seen survey upon survey showing that most affiliates do not make a lot of money.

If you should ask 10 marketers this question, why is that? you may get twelve different answers. And one answer that is most likely to be included is not enough quality traffic.

While that definitely have some relevance, the expert and myself do believe the cause is wider than that.  We are of the view that the core reason is buried in the products that are selected and promoted.

Many affiliate marketers tend to limit their selections to just one or two websites like Clickbank and JVZoo for example.

We can understand some of the reasons for gravitating to these platforms, they are easy to market, they have compelling headlines, there have millions of global customers.

I want to make it quite clear that these affiliate platforms are great, and that is why they have done so well. But the full truth be told, they are over subscribed now, and often times, not targeted enough to meet the needs of the specific niche market.

When visitors come to our site, most of them have a genuine need that they are looking answers and solutions for. And if we are not able to focus and stay on that particular need(s) to satisfy the potential customer, we lose them, and there is where most affiliate marketers fall down.

Marketers seems to forget that these person are real with a family, a particular gender, of a certain age living in a particular location. In other words, we have to cater to the total person, and there is where master affiliates set themselves apart.

To become a super successful affiliate, you must find and promote products that cater to the total person, and ClickBank and JVZoo alone will not cut it.

There are many other affiliate websites with products that fit almost every need that an individual may have.

Take Commission Junction for eg. (now called CJ), if you join their program, you will soon discover areas you wouldn’t find in the more popular platforms.

If you are passionate about the health niche, you can get far more and a wider variety of products at sites like, that pays very well too, and

Some other profitable affiliate platforms you can find great products are ShareASale, MaxBounty, Offer Juice, Rakuten and Brian Tracy Affiliate Program are just some of the other places you can go to find products that you would not normally find at the oversubscribed sites.

What’s the basics in Affiliate Marketing For Beginners?

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

When you get into the affiliate marketing business, you will need to focus on three basics.

  1. Finding and selecting the right product to promote.
  2. Choosing the right places to promote these products.
  3. Following up and monitoring your statistics to make sure your promotions are effective.

That’s it,  can it really be that simple?. YES! it should be that simple when you are starting out

This is what most affiliates who end up in frustration are told to do:
They are advised to join “as many affiliate programs as they can” and then begin “putting links on every free site possible.”

So these individuals will spend their money and buy the courses, follow all the advice to the letter, work very hard in doing what they were instructed.

But ended up failing miserably.

Believe it or not, this is what most affiliate marketers do. In the good old days, you could do that and seen reasonable levels of success. But guess what? Those good old days are long gone.

Here is the big question:

What is The Secret To The Master Affiliate Marketer Success?

Do you want to know the truth? When it comes to this type of marketing, there are two types of affiliate marketers, those who struggle to make enough money, and those who make a whole lot of it.

There are those who have figured out the proven, profitable, and predictable formula for their success.

They have the blueprint.

These successful men and women have the system working for them like clock work around the clock!

If you ask, some people believe they have a secret traffic source that no one else knows about. But that is not true, although good quality traffic is necessary.

Still others believe that they have an unusually good relationship with their list resulting in a great email followup system that convinced them to buy in record amount.

There is no doubt about the importance of relationship and regular email followup, but that is not their secret. No! it’s non of those systems or traffic, or experience, it is quite simpler than you think.

So what is their secret? Here is there secret…..

They determine how much they are going to spend on traffic before they start to promote.

That sound like an anti-climax actually, but it is an important truth that is often overlooked by struggling affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

My affiliate coach and mentor is convinced that this is the #1 reason some affiliates make lots of money and the majority are struggling to survive.

So, if you really believe that I know where I am going on this affiliate marketing success journey, then continue reading……

The fact is, this is not peculiar to any one market. All successful online marketers know and practice this secret, and almost all started with a specific figure in mind.

Just like any other wise business man or woman, they know how to break even, and how to make correct calculations to make a small profit by testing the water before diving in.

That is the way all successful business works

  • Fast food restaurants know exactly how much it will cost to get someone in their drive through window.
  • Large department stores know exactly how many buyers pass through their doors, and how much the average buyer spent.
  • WalMart knows the buying power and ability of their visitors and how many more items they will add to their shopping cart.

If these findings sound new and far fetch to you, I have good news for you: You can know these fact too!

And we want you to know them also, because that will make all the difference between the struggling frustrated marketer, and the happily successful ones.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners is a real business to get into, and a profitable one when done the correct way. But you must do the math before you emotionally jump in and start promoting products, especially the ones you really love.

As in any type of business you have to know the numbers that work, and my coach has a formula that he uses:

Commissions X Conversion = Maximum Expense Per Click

These three examples help to highlight the formula.

The point to remember here is this, these three examples are to mainly for BREAKING EVEN, not to make a profit at this stage.

The first achievement you should focus on as a beginner in the affiliate marketing business is to break even, and this important step is one many affiliates tend to over look, resulting in frustration.

Here is the deal which is simple and straight forward, if your earning is $50 commission on a site that converts at 1% you cannot afford to spend more than 50 cents per click.

Here are the figures …

50 X .01= .50

If you are going to earn $200 on a site that converts at 2% you cannot afford to spend more than $4 per click for traffic.

200 X .02 = 4.00

In this third example, if you are going to earn $1000 on a site that converts at 1%, you can afford to pay as much as $10 per click for traffic to break even.

1000 X .01 – 10.00

I want you to take note, that even though this article is not about how to improve conversions, it is vitally important to understand the examples here are assuming a 1% or 2% conversion.. …

You must be in a position to know the conversion rate before you commit yourself in  promoting any product, especially the ones you live.

So, these are the three salient points I zoom in on here today, my focus and target are Affiliate Marketing For Beginners:

  1. Your affiliate marketing is a real business and must be treated like any other business.
  2. All the businesses that survive, have one thing in common, they know their numbers, so your success hinges on knowing the numbers.
  3. The most important numbers you need to focus on are, what you get paid and what the site conversion rate is.

Now, because my coach is guiding me on a successful journey, I want to give you one more very important reason why many affiliate marketers are not making lots of money.

They might make a few bucks here and a few there, but not seeing any good ROI (Return On Investment).

When you know this as a beginner, you set yourself light-years apart from the average marketer online.

Affiliates are not making a living from their business because of this outstanding reason:

They are sending their offer to cold traffic.

I take it you understand what is cold traffic, but let me briefly define it for very new beginners: Cold traffic are subscribers you capture in your squeeze page, you don’t know them and they know nothing about you either.

In other words, there is no relationship between you and them. And because of the strange relationship, they do not trust you to buy from you.

The best way to get around that is to build a bridge!! That is the missing link in most affiliate marketer online business.

How this works is easy, after a visitor opt into your squeeze page, the next page they should see is a bridge page. Some marketers call it a segway page, same thing.

They will see this page before they see your sales page with the affiliate offer. And that will add some heavy punches to your affiliate marketing.

Now, this bridge is going to work wonders for you in your affiliate marketing, because what it does, is to warm up your potential customer with content before they are able to see your sales page.

And here is another piece of GOOD NEWS, you do not have to create that content yourself.

I am going to allow you to get the exact same package I have, taking the easiest route Affiliate Marketing for Beginners can ever ride on for their success that is eluding so many.

Never send traffic directly to your sales page, always build a bridge, and that will start a relationship that should get warmer with follow-up emails.

I can hear you saying that boy, whole lot of work! May be so, however, most of the heavy lifting have been done for you already. And that is why I recommend this Master Affiliate Marketer my Mentor and Coach to your service.

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