Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things I Like About Kartra

Kartra Reviews: Amazing Tools For Online Success

What is Kartra?

Kartra is an all-in-one online marketing platform for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs.

It is a complete collection of essential business tools you need to successfully manage any online business, all nicely integrated and package into one single place of operation.

Kartra marketing platform is the brain child of Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime, two well-known online marketers who have successfully launched WebinarJam as one of the premier online webinar tools on the market today.

Drawing In Power House For More Powerful Effect

While Andy and Mike could easily have launched the product themselves, they decide to strengthen their base with high-quality like Frank Kern, a direct response advertising legend.

Frank provides a number of training modules and seminars (which would otherwise cost thousands of dollars to get elsewhere); but this is FREE with the Kartra Academy – the built-in training portal for Kartra customers.

That alone would worth it all, but then they sweetened the pot with the “already done-for-you” campaigns.

Kartra’s self proclaimed goal of Online Business Made Easy first hit the scene in 2018, so it is a fairly new company. This is not only a tagline, it is the backbone and foundation of what makes this platform attractively different.

Other factors differentiating Kartra from the competition is by far the amount of powerful tools that are all provided under one roof, seamlessly integrating with each other.

So, if you’re looking to successfully launch or take your online business to another level, Kartra is the perfect platform to make the process easier than anywhere else I know.

So, with that said, let us dig in and go deeper into the main features and benefits of this awesome entrepreneurs friendly marketing platform:

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#1. Kartranaut Training Program Reviews

This is a comprehensive overview of the features offered by Kartra reviews and how to use them effectively in building your online business.

The fact that everything in Kartra is connected, each lesson is designed to build on knowledge learned in previous lessons. For example, before you learn how to build a squeeze page, you need to know how to build an opt-in form.

Before you build any form, you need to understand the dynamics of lists.

Kartranaut Training Program
Kartranaut Training Program

By the end of the training course, you will have total knowledge of the Kartraverse (Katra University) and what can be done inside it. Kartraverse is filled with TONS of powerful features, come with us then as we make these reviews a simple and enjoyable journey.

#2. Website Hosting Provider Reviews

Kartra is hands down, the backbone of our online business. The darn thing is so flexible, we do whatever we want. I am building my website on the Kartra platform, and I have the option to save those pages in my WordPress Blog if I want.

Kartra is the all-in-one platform to run our business, create, manage and track our affiliate business, so, in no time we can easily and efficiently build an army of salespeople, without the stress of struggling to get targeted leads.

As a boy from the old school, I have still got my original websites on WordPress, but everything else is built with Kartra.

I collect my leads there, nurture those leads there, sell them my products right there, and deliver my memberships and courses to my customers all under one roof.

#3. Funnel Builder Reviews

Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things, include a series of “Done For You” marketing campaigns. These are professionally pre-built sales funnels that include some of the most essential tools to help you get started properly in creating your own funnel.

It includes a list builder campaign, quick launch funnel, book funnel, and a 4-day cash machine campaign.

The 4-day cash machine is really for marketers who already have a list. Doesn’t work well with cold market.

Kartra offers Done For You sales funnel campaigns or templates you can quickly edit your product name, images and other branding assets and launch your sales funnel into action.

It is easier than in any other platform I know, because in the platform, ALL the different pillars of a funnel (optin forms, pages, checkout, mailing, lead tagging, memberships, etc) are already interconnected within one single well organized system!

What’s the difference between funnel and campaign?

Funnels are to Campaigns as Wheels are to a Car.

In fact, a campaign might have many funnels in it, along with a whole lot of other really important stuff, every campaign needs to be successful.

Trying to market with funnels only, is like trying to drive a car with nice wheels, beautiful interior, but no engine.

You won’t get very far or anywhere for that matter.

A complete campaign requires:

¶ Well written emails that convince the reader of the value of your offer

¶ Attractively designed web pages for buyers to take advantage of your offer

¶ Hard to resist lead capture pages for capturing new optin leads

¶ Checkouts (shopping carts) for leads can buy your products

¶ Membership portals (password protected) to deliver the content your customers have purchased

¶ Lists with tags for segmenting and following up with your leads (and a CRM to manage them)

¶ Marketing assets, such as videos, with embedded calls to action

¶ Methods and ways of personalizing content, for example pages and emails, based on the behaviours of the leads who view this content

¶ Analytics to accurately show you how every part of your campaign is performing (so you can make adjustments where necessary)

¶ Automations to enable all of the above perform their tasks without you having to do anything

¶ Sequences to connect all the above parts together into one dynamic system that makes everything works

Sound overwhelming? Sure it does, but the stress is not on you.

A plug-and-play sales funnel that already contains pre-written sales copymarketing automation sequences to help you close sales easily.

#4. Landing Page Design Review

Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things
Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things

Amazingly, Kartra Pages are not only about Landing Pages!

You can use Kartra Pages for just about anything your business requires, I mean from email subscription, sales and thank you pages, upsell and downsell pages, webinar registration pages, to even product launch funnels with videos.

You can build entire marketing campaigns or just simple, one-off marketing pages. You can conduct split-testing with Karta pages, or even use Kartra’s split-testing features to test the pages you build on your own server.

Kartra Pages can be adjusted to adapt to any situation your business desires, and you can design them to look anyway to satisfy your taste for many built-in web page elements.

These elements are awesome, they not only include your standard calls-to-action forms, and contact info boxes available, but some powerful countdown timers, checkout forms, pricing tables, notification bars and so much more!

If it all seems overwhelming and too much at first, that’s not a problem.

You can use one of the dozens of pre-built templates Kartra offers and simply modify them (to your liking) so you can get your foot wet in the marketplace faster!

They provide the freedom for keeping things simple, and the flexibility to create the pages(s) you’re dreaming of, well, the Kartra difference is making dreams become reality.

#5. Email Opt In Form Reviews

Before you can email your leads… you need to start generating leads!

And that is where Kartra’s opt in forms come to the rescue, and they also have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Kartra’s Form Builder allows you to easily create stylized and responsive Opt-In Forms so that you can build a highly responsive and clean email list. Using this user-friendly system, you will become an expert at converting your visitors into subscribers, and getting your email into their inbox each and every time.

With Kartra you can create many different types of opt in forms:

¶ In line forms

¶ Slide-in forms

¶ Pop ups on exit intent

¶ “Click Pop” forms linked to buttons

¶ Banners at the top/bottom of pages

¶ Raw HTML forms without design (to integrate with other tools if you want)

Kartra reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things continue to make things easier for new beginners in online marketing by providing templates for each of their forms.

And once you select your templates and make your changes to personalize it, you’re ready to build your list!


#6. Email Marketing Platforms Review

Kartra is becoming the most popular All-In-One Marketing Platform and sales funnel tool.

This platform offers you absolutely everything you need to run your sales & marketing side of your business smoothly and effectively, with sales funnels as a main focus.

You can almost effortlessly build your campaign, with checkout pages, and an artificial intelligence feature to track your  leads. You also have extensive affiliate marketing options, helpdesk services, business email hosting, and much more.

With all these services in one, all sections of (and around) your funnel work together seamlessly. Through lead scoring and marketing automation, your leads will receive the right email at just the perfect time.

The Kartra platform enables to create awesome emails, which are sent out through the marketing automation software.

Do you understand what this mean?

Based on user interactions and lead scoring, the system sends out pre-designed emails for you.


#7. Split Testing Review

Kartra Review

Let us examine closer, the basics of split testing, including what it is, and how you can harness its power to supercharge your marketing plans.

Split testing is a particularly valuable tactic for marketers of all size and experience, whether you are a dynamic and influential entrepreneur, or a simple one person just starting you online journey.


As you manage your first split test, you should stick to some very basic changes.

A split test will provide you with the most valuable insights if you change only one variable at a time. If you change more variables at the same time, you won’t be certain which change impacted your audience’s perception of your site.

Try making changes to subject lines, images used on a page, or the language on your call to action.

And always make sure one of your groups is a “control”, or a group that sees an unchanged version of your site.


#8. Membership Platforms Review


Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things
Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things

Kartra enables you to set up Membership Sites.

These are websites that are password protected, allow access to certain customers (usually, there is a fee to join, which gives them special and exclusive content).

Membership sites are becoming an evergreen product with more and more popularity, and they are an excellent way to make some extra income and engage your audience.

You can also choose to protect your website with a password, or allow access without a password.

The membership site builder works the same way as the page builder.

Memberships are a great way to make the learning process easier and better. It provides more premium feeling, and become more beneficial to you.

Kartra reviews Memberships are drag-and-drop easy squeezy.

Can quickly create lessons and modules for your courses

You can embed your videos from any preferred host, and even upload audio lectures for learning on the go


#9. Already Done For You Campaigns Reviews

Most times, you just don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Instead, you could simply benefit from time-proven  campaigns created by expert marketers. This platform allows you to import, with the click of a button, fully-built funnels ready to be activated!

Kartra Review
Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things

Here we are helping you cross the campaign finish line in record time. (and see the results that follows close behind)!

This is indeed a reality, thanks to four complete done-for-you campaigns.

The truth be told? Only Kartra platform offers turnkey, plug-and-play marketing campaigns like these.

Each campaign includes all the assets you need!

These are success-proven, success-driven and exclusive to Kartra.

All integrate multiple marketing components as well as Kartra’s powerful Marketing A.I.

And they can be installed and fully sequenced with everything connected at the push of the button.


#10. Integrations Service Reviews

You may ask yourself – why do I need integrations if Kartra is an all in one platform?

Kartra may not be the only tool you need under your belt. Let’s quickly review the integrations available in Kartra:

Even though Kartra has everything most online businesses will need – they also offer a ton of 3rd party integrations to ensure you always have a direct connection to your tools.

Kartra offers extensive integration with other existing marketing and online digital tools.

They are always improving the platform, according to the development team, to complement WordPress instead of competing with it directly.

Therefore, you can switch from Kartra, to a WordPress development framework, or vice versa with ease.

Kartra can also integrate with Shopify fairly well. However, some users have mentioned that it is quite slow when integrated with the platform.

Connecting to email services like Postmark, Sendlane and Sendgrid can save you money if you like to send a high volume of emails every month.

Integration with Zapier means that almost anything imaginable can be accomplished. 

Kartra Review
Kartra Review

There are a number of other reasons you may want to add additional integration functionalities with Kartra:

¶ Provide more email bandwidth to your limited account

¶ Allow advanced connections with your existing WordPress blog

¶ Join Kartra to your existing online course platform

Send SMS messages!

And many many more reasons


#11. Kartra Marketing Void Reviews


Kartra teaches you step-by-step to produce an easy sales page to a complete sequence, multi-step sales channel without the ability to know computer system code.

It is a drag and drop method, which also decrease difficulty in marketing with web page designing.

Kartra Pages can be adjusted to any situation you need, and you can build them to look however you choose using the many built-in web page elements.

Many tools are connected together: email marketing platform, marketing automation platform allowing you build and automate sales funnels, marketing page builders such as landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, thank you pages, product launch pages, checkout pages, video sales letter pages, etc.

Other integrated parts are, membership portal builders, shopping carts, online form builders, split testing and link tracking software, calendar and appointment scheduling software, helpdesk ticketing systems, video hosting with advanced marketing features, affiliate management system, and campaign analytics platform.

Many Online Marketers,  experienced the bliss of ignorance.

Well, it is wrong to call it bliss really. It was pain — but most of us were too ignorant to realize the pain — much like the proverbial frog that got cooked in the pot of increasingly hot water on the stove.

That pain?  Discovering and taming cloud marketing software to actually get business done.

Sure, cloud marketing technology (a.k.a. SaaS) has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for Internet Marketers.

Now there are platforms for everything! Platforms for:

¶ Opt-in forms
¶ Marketing pages and funnels

¶ Sophisticated email campaigns with automated marketing sequences
¶ Membership sites for consumers of our content

¶ Product creation
¶ Product carts and checkouts
¶ Video hosting
¶ Helpdesks with ticketing systems

¶ Live chat to interact with our customers in real time
¶  Portals for managing affiliates

There are now platforms for every essential category of the marketing technology stack. With the increasing multitude of platforms, you’d be forgiven for asking,

“What void? Everything you need is out there!”

And paradoxically, therein lies the void.

There are so many platforms to choose from.

But most of us just don’t have the time, the budget, or the technical background to put the piece together for a complete business solution that works just fine.


#12. Kartra Products Reviews

You can create a product in a jiffy. Creating products in Kartra is fast and easy as a result of intuitive prompts.

They said it, they’re most interested in supporting the sale of digital goods (ebooks, courses, memberships, consultations), and do not have physical products on their roadmap.


You are allowed to customize your check out pages starting with their well-designed templates.

They also allow you to customize the checkout flow. Meaning, when someone purchases, what URL with an upsell offer do you want to send them to?

And if they say no to the upsell, do you want to offer a downsell? You have complete creative freedom with designing your own custom funnel.

Before you sell, you’ll need to make changes to your product’s selling parameters in the system.

This is where you establish your price, payment options and define what communications occur once a product has been successfully purchased.

Let’s look at the key requirements and considerations needed when creating a product.

First and most important is your Merchant Gateway, or the way that customers will pay you!

Kartra integrates with PayPal, Stripe,, and Braintree for payment processing. Once you have set this, select how frequent you want payments to be made.

You can set up a one-time payment, a limited installment of payments, or a monthly, annual or bi-annual recurring payment system. You can even combine a recurring payment with a series of installments, having, eg. customers pay 3 monthly installments yearly!

Subscription billing plan can be used in conjunction with their membership site feature, so turning on and off access to customers is completely automated!

A great practice is to set up a special link for your sales page, and then run some split tests on it to see which converts higher.

All this can be done with just a few clicks of your finger tip.


#13. Shopping Cart Review

An amazing feature inside of Kartra Shopping Cart is the ability to gather all the billing information from your clients on your sales web page.

To receive money for products you sell with Kartra, you’re going to need to set up one or more Payment Gateways.

You can select from one of the payment gateway providers to integrate with Kartra reviews. Choose the three dots under your preferred gateway and click “New Integration”.

Here you will connect your gateway to Kartra.

Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things
Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things

(Please note: You will need to have a business account set up already with one of the above to be able to receive payment using Kartra.)

You’re now ready to sell any of your products that you created in Kartra, either through your Kartra pages, or anywhere else on the internet.

But, in order for you to do that there is one more step: you will need to return to your Products page and click on the “CHECKOUT” button next to your product.

Marketing is made easier when your clients don’t need to leave your site. They can accomplish the following on this amazing platform:

Credit Card Processing
Discount/Coupon Management
¶ Abandoned Cart Saver
¶ Product Configurator
¶ Tax Management
Refund Management

Kartra is without question, the one stop shop for marketing entrepreneurs of the now generation.


#14. Checkout Platforms Review

A critical part of selling anything online is presenting your customers with a trustworthy checkout or payment page – if it looks unprofessional, potential customers will exit without paying and may never return!

Kartra offers a secure shopping cart.

They allow customers to pay via credit card or PayPal. They also offer one-click transactions – this is a great feature that will hopefully encourage more sales.

That said, no decent marketing platform should be providing poor checkout pages and processes in this era of online marketing.

Very pleased to say Kartra reviews is not a victim to this basic requirement, their checkout system is smooth offering one click sales through Stripe and the pages have a smooth look.

You can also display multiple payment options, which assists customers to find the pricing plan fitting their needs.

All the expected basic functions like one-click upsells and Custom Thank You Pages are also included.


#15. Affiliate Management Platform Review

Kartra’s Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to incentivize other marketing professionals which helps you build your business in deep and sophisticated ways.  Here is where other platforms simply can’t measure up.

Kartra provides a built-in Affiliate Program Management System.

You can design affiliate and Joint Venture (JV) promotional page, and facilitate the affiliate signup process right into the page.

The Affiliate Program Management System inside of Kartra allows you to partner with an army of marketers to help you generate leads and grow your business further.

You can also screen potential affiliate using a mandatory terms and conditions section and customized questionnaires.

And of course, saving thousands of dollars in advertising budget.


Here are a few capabilities of the affiliate system present inside Kartra:

¶ Creating an affiliate sign-up page

Approval of affiliates

Affiliate sign-up questionnaire

¶ Configure landing pages for affiliates

¶ Adding affiliates to a special email list

Setting up payment options

And few more…

The tool also gives you the possibility of managing W9s and w8BENs (if required), and easily review and approve affiliates, assign them with tags and put them in a lists upon signup for future promotions, and give them a login and affiliate link to get going.

This are also other things you can accomplish:

  1. Set commissions by percentage or dollar; by products, product ranges or all products; even by individual affiliates
  2. Set payment milestones and sales threshold milestones
  3. Pay commissions for new email subscribers as well as sales
  4. Pay commissions by PayPal, Authorize.Net, Braintree or Stripe

The most important aspect of affiliate tracking is ensuring affiliates are paid correctly and on time. Any downgrade from this standard and you quickly lose affiliates trust and this affects your brand’s standing.

There are no nasty surprises with Kartra’s affiliate management software.

Affiliates are paid on time, you can pay them through trusted platforms like Stripe and Paypal and the screening process is self-explanatory.


#16. Video Hosting Reviews

Every successful online marketer use Video Marketing as an essential skill for their online business.

Video marketing is mandatory for success in today’s digital marketplace.

Creating and publishing videos can be big challenge for beginners in online marketing business. However, Kartra has made publishing video on the web to be an easy task.

Publishing Video here removes every single technological complexity from the equation so that you can focus instead on how you want your video to impact your visitor.

Kartra reviews video hosting and streaming platform is pretty cool.

You are allowed to do the following and more: pop in product links throughout videos, add tags to your customers if they drop out at a certain point. By giving you feedback from your videos, it could make a powerful difference to your marketing campaign.

There are some unique functionality in Kartra’s video hosting platform made just for marketers:

Kartra Video Hosting Review
Kartra Video Hosting/Marketing  Review

You can customize the video player and select whether or not you want your videos to autoplay, as well as a few other options.

The real benefit of the video section is obviously the tagging.

Tagging is a very clever technique that Kartra knows when your customers are watching, and the ability to tag and segment them based on which point they drop out of the video (or if they make it to the end).

You can also add a call to action in your videos – for example, opt-in forms or checkout buttons


#17. Creating Smart Automations Reviews

One of Kartra’s most powerful tools is Automation.

Using automations, you can design custom and immediate responses to customer needs, multiple stage follow-up communications, funnels and campaigns that give your leads personalized attention without stressing yourself with coding and other techy stuff.

Automations are one of those things that can intimidate beginners in online marketing, but once you have figured them out, they become an essential part of your strategy.


Automations allow you design customized response based on a lead’s action, situation, or condition.

These are called IF, THEN statements.

If your lead performs an action, then the system will respond in some way.

Take for instance, lets say your lead clicks an email link, then Kartra will tag them as “VIP” AND put them into a new follow-up sequence. You can use this for awesome, tailor-made communication.

If a customer takes an important action, you can immediately acknowledge that in an email and give them the next step to take. Better yet, if they have not yet taken any action, you can intelligently and accurately remind them that the next step is in waiting.

Kartra provides you with an automation workflow builder just like the one you see on ConvertKit, Active Campaign, Clickfunnel, or Drip, but not as blissful though.

You can add a number of elements to your automations:

¶ You can add or remove subscribers from tags, sequences, lists, memberships

¶ Add or remove tags when a link is clicked

¶ Giving or taking away lead points from your subscribers

¶ Sending a follow-up e-mail after an action

¶ Unsubscribing cold subscribers automatically.

Designing “sub sequences” within your automations to create complex paths subscribers can take, while keeping it visually simple to manage

Everything is backed by steady and consistent analytics to show how each email and step within your automation is performing

And so much more…


#18. Kartra Calendar Review

Kartra Calendar is a game-changer for users, because this scheduling feature allows you to keep your calendar under control while continuing to improve your sales funnel.

Right there on your calendar page, you keep full branding control, by using  your own custom domain, logo, and color scheme. 

You can offer free or paid appointments which is great for upsells to info products!

Set up your pre-defined work flow so people requesting meetings will not interrupt or interfere with your personal or family activity!

Automatically send pre-meeting emails and SMS to you and your customers, to make sure no one misses their meetings.

You may not be selling products in your store, instead you might be a teacher or a consultant, or you may be selling online courses. Here is where the calendar section will come in handy.

So you can set up a calendar that allows you to manage all your appointments or, more helpfully, permits Kartra to manage them for you.

You can input your vacation days, lunch breaks, and blocks of time that you have free and Kartra will work with you.

It will then fill in appointments for you as your customer navigates your landing page.

You are able to design landing pages that fits in with the rest of your brand, and Kartra will email you and your subscribers to remind you the day before your upcoming appointments.


#19. Kartra Q&A Webinars Review

Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things
Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things

You’re invited to join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 3:00 PM Pacific Time, where they’ll answer any Kartra question you may have! You get the chance of having your questions answered by a knowledgeable team.

There’s often 3 people on each Q&A webinar and there’s often someone who can answer your question and share their screen to show you how to do it.

If it’s something that’s more specific, they’ll recommend that you contact the support team and send a screen share so that they can help you better.

Simply click here to register for the entire series, we’ll send you a reminder each week about the live sessions.

This team covers all aspects of Kartra.

They will answer questions about marketing, business development, entrepreneurship, time management. You simply bring your burning questions to the session and they’ll help you find the right answer for you and your business.


#20. Kartra Helpdesk Review

As your business grows and matures, it becomes harder to manage all your requests through your own email inbox.

That is where helpdesks really take shape.


Whenever your customers or visitors have questions about your business, they allow you to design a trackable ticket system.

Moving from email management to ticket system gives you several distinct advantages:

Gives your customers options (ticket, live chat, skype, or a phone call)

Tracking the status of tickets (opened, waiting, resolved, etc) you always know where you stand 

Helpdesk also allows your customer to rate their experience so you know if you or your customer service team are doing a great job.

The solid analytics allow you to measure the average time for completing your issues, which is another useful way to manage your employees as your business grows.

You can automatically add someone to your email list when they submits a help desk ticket, and provide special tags so you know they were in your help system.

The customer history page is a unique feature within the helpdesk.  It can show you every query your customer has had in the past along with every interaction and a history of their sales.

As you continue to answer common questions, you can easily create a Wiki that your customers can refer to and avoid asking the same question over and over!


Kartra Cons

There is no system out there on the net without flaws and short comings. Even Kartra has room for improvement.

If you have a huge list of email leads, ​Kartra can get expensive because the price increases based on how many emails you are managing.  However, if you have a group of targeted responsive email list you are managing well, you should have no issue with the costs.

Although the user interface is authentic and customer friendly, it takes time to get used to the workflow and making sure we continuously save our work (manually) so we don’t lose anything.

The membership site could have quizzes so we can run courses and certifications.

There is often video buffering. It seems that when there is a lot of usage, videos can pause to catch up.

You may have to encounter storage limitations. On the Silver Plan (which I recommend) you have 125GB of bandwidth for video playing.

Considering of this limitation, I recommend you only host essential videos such as opt in videos, sales page videos, one time offers, etc, on Kartra, and use Vimeo for any membership videos. You should compress your videos before uploading.

Their pricing model limits the number of emails you can send at each level, and charges a little more for any overages.

On the Silver plan (which I recommend) you can send 125,000 emails per month.

This is not ideal if you like to send emails to your lists every day,  or twice daily as some successful marketers like to do.

Live chat is not open 24/7


Kartra Pricing

After all those features, you’ve got to be wondering about pricing.

Don’t worry, Kartra is incredibly affordable after considering the great number of features it allows you to do in one package:


  • 99 USD/mo 
  • 79 USD/mo (928 USD billed yearly – 20% off)
  • 69 USD/mo (1656 USD billed every two years – 30% off)


  • 199 USD/mo 
  • 149 USD/mo (1788 USD billed yearly – 25% off)
  • 139 USD/mo (3336 USD billed every two years – 30% off)


  • 299 USD/mo 
  • 229 USD/mo (2748 USD billed yearly – 23% off)
  • 199 USD/mo (4776 USD billed every two years – 33% off)


  • 499 USD/mo
  • 379 USD/mo (4548 USD billed yearly – 24% off)
  • 339 USD/mo (8136 USD billed every two years – 32% off)

Let us take a quick look at the Silver Annual Plan, and breakdown why $139 per month is an incredible price.

for this quick comparison, let’s put together a set of tools that will provide comparable functionality as Kartra does.

¶ Page Builder – Lead Pages ($48 per month)
¶ Email Marketing – Drip ($246 per month for 12,500 contacts)
¶ Shopping Cart – Samcart ($99 per month)
¶ Membership Platform – Teachable ($79 per month)
¶ Lead Capture Forms – Lead Pages (already added in)
¶ Helpdesk – Intercom ($87 per month)

What is the total cost of this package? A whopping $559 per month. That is over 4 times the cost of the Silver Kartra Plan…

With $400 per month you could be investing into Facebook ads or to pay your support team, instead of spreading out into a ton of tools which become difficult to manage and integrate.

But wait a second… could you be asking what’s the catch?

I will be honest, Kartra is an awesome platform, but the tools above are specialists. That means that they are designed for one purpose, and do it very well.

So don’t expect Kartra’s help desk feature to be better than Intercom’s offering, or for Kartra’s email marketing service to be better in every way than Drip’s (even though I believe in some cases, Kartra is more advanced!).

What you are getting is an amazing value that provides irreplaceable peace of mind and efficiency because of it’s integrated nature.

By overlooking some of the fancy features of the individual specialists, you will in turn gain a powerful platform that can take your business to the next level without the stress of working out and unraveling codes and connecting parts.

Kartra registration form
Kartra Reviews: 20 Amazingly Simple Things


Who Is Kartra For?

This is the million dollar question. Is Kartra for you?

I think Kartra is an excellent option for the following:

Entrepreneurs that already have a product idea and an existing audience

People who get frustrated with the tech of tying together a ton of different systems

¶ People who don’t necessarily want to blog every day to create traffic to their funnels

¶ Social-media heavy influencers on places like  Youtube, instragram, pinterest who can send people             directly from social into their funnels

¶ Agencies who want to help local businesses expand their product selection into digital products. Kartra gives     them a single service that can handle all the necessary functions, probably better than they are today.

¶ Those who want to focus on the actual marketing customer service, and not getting stuck in the weeds         with the tech.

¶ Those who want to sell their own funnels for additional revenue.

Kartra is a wonderful platform for anybody who wants to build a digital business.



I’ve spent a huge amount of time researching, creating and publishing this review. And my goal here is to be able to help you decide whether Kartra is for you or not.

The good news about it is this,  it is easy for a complete beginner to get started with it, and I so much like how the team at Kartra has put up massive training, email swipes and campaigns for all.

This is one-stop shopping when it comes to digital marketing.

As there are new features and done for you stuffs being added ever so often, to meet up with business owners needs and requirements, I think Kartra is not the type of platform that will stop delivering to their customers at any time soon.

Not only are the tools integrated together but the cost is far much lower than purchasing them all separately.

Kartra helps us take our business to a digital platform without having to purchase all the various tools separately and connecting them together to work ourselves.

We have also saved costs in having multiple subscriptions.

There are many training videos and the Facebook group is an awesome resource for extra tips and immediate help.

I am happily comfortable with Kartra, because it empowers me to really upgrade the online presence of my business, and to automate my sales and the communication with my clients. It enhances my ability to have a detailed database of my clients, their purchase activity and browsing behaviors.

As soon as I learned how to utilize the different modules, it became very easy to manage and duplicate existing segments or modify templates.

I also appreciate, that Karta continues to work on the integration of even more features.

There are new features added frequently. That is in itself a good thing.

But it requires keeping up with the changes.

A couple of times it resulted in me having to redo things.

We use Kartra for lead capture, for product setup, shopping cart and payments, and our membership areas. Plus we use it for email campaigns and communicating with our members.

If you are looking for an affordable platform to run your digital business from managing customer emails, automating marketing, creating sales funnels, hosting membership sites/products, collecting payments, and support customers with a helpdesk, this is an amazing way to get started.

Although I have not contacted support often, they have been responsive and there is plenty of online content and weekly live sessions to support customers with questions and issues.

Kartra could very well be the cheapest tool when you consider the different tools working together.

If you want a system with a flexible shopping cart, stunning pages, intelligent split testing, ready-to-go campaigns with gorgeous templates, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed trying it out.

However, ultimately, that decision is up to you. I recommend that you try it for 14 days and see if it fits your needs. If you got stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

If you are curious after this beefy review, I’d appreciate you checking out Kartra using my affiliate link. No charge to you, and a bit of a commission for my efforts.

My favorite part is that this truly is an all-in-one marketing platform.

Honestly, I was skeptical when I first signed up because I’ve used “all-in-one” systems before and most were below average in lots of different functions.

Kartra is different. I have yet to find a function within Kartra that I would rate at anything less than well-above average compared to other software, including single-use software options.

There’s no perfect software solution, but Kartra is the closest I’ve found.

Try it out if you truly have the need for its functionality.

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