9 Killer Mistakes Every Affiliate Should Know To Destroy

Knowing Affiliate Mistakes To Save Time And Money

Affiliate marketing may be a good way to create money, but it’s not necessarily as easy as some make it sounds especially when you are making some killer mistakes.

Too many affiliate marketers are literally making HUGE mistakes that cost them time, money, and ight even hurt their reputations permanently.

Fortunately, once you’ve identified these killer mistakes, it’s easy to correct them so you’ll stop making them in your own affiliate marketing campaigns.

If you’ve been wondering why your affiliate marketing campaigns aren’t as effective as you’d hoped, you would possibly be making one or more of these big mistakes that might be seriously hampering your efforts.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the most common mistakes made by affiliate marketers (even some highly experienced marketers make these mistakes!).

You’ll also learn how to keep from making these mistakes yourself, and the way to stay from repeating equivalent mistakes over many times, because they do not know a better way or I should say the correct way.

If you are going to realize any level of success in affiliate marketing as an affiliate marketer, you must know the 9 Deadly Mistakes Every Affiliate Marketer Should Know And Avoid.

Mistake #1:- Focusing On Selling

I understand that the most precious goal of all affiliate marketers, even a minimum of one percent success in making sales. That much is obvious. But you should never focus on “selling”.

Instead, your main focus should be centered on helping people. It does not matter what your selected market is, your main focus should be on helping your team/customer in some way, because this is how you add value to your affiliate offers and how you get the audience in the market to trust you and need to shop more from you.

It doesn’t matter what your market is, your main goal is about helping people. Period.

If your niche is weight loss,  you’re helping people get in shape and obtain better look, and feel healthy.

If it’s internet marketing, you’re helping people make money and achieve financial freedom.

If it is socks, you’re helping people keep their feet warm and dry and appearance fashionable at an equal time.

Always focus on helping your target customers. This will enable you to build a rapport with the people you’d wish to sell to, making your job easier and supplying you with a reason to feel good about yourself at the same time!


Mistake #2:- Not Testing

Testing is one of those things that everyone seems to know they’re supposed to do, but almost no one actually does.

Why exactly is testing so important, anyway?

Well, let’s say you’re achieving a 2.5% conversion rate. Not too bad, you might think.

After all, you’ve got considerable competition, and you aren’t really standing out well in your market.

But what if one simple tweak, something perhaps as simple as adding ONE WORD to your squeeze page or changing ONE IMAGE on your blog’s main page could increase that to a 5% conversion?

2.5% higher doesn’t sound like all that much of a difference until you realize that’s DOUBLE the conversion rate, DOUBLE the purchasers , and DOUBLE the income.

From making one change! Isn’t that worth it?

The thing is, you’ll never know what might make a difference if you don’t test.


Mistake #3:- Sticking With MMO Products

MMO, or Make Money Online, is one among the foremost financially lucrative markets online , but it’s an error to concentrate solely one market. Did you recognize that even the most important internet marketing (I.M.) gurus have built their influence into other markets?

That’s because any niche, regardless of how lucrative, features a maximum income cap that you simply can reach. Eventually, you’ll reach virtually the whole market, and your income will suffer because you’ve got nothing new to sell them and no ability to add new value.

Sure, this is an extreme example. The truth is, no niche market has a complete cap, because new customers are coming in and starting up continually. But think about it. Once you’ve hit a plateau, your income stagnates.

But if you diversify into other markets, you’ll always have fresh products to market. You’ll always have new value to add. You’ll always be ready to make money because you’re not grid-locked into one specific market.

I know it’s going to be tempting to start out with the MMO niche because it is often extremely lucrative and you’re learning tons about it yourself, but unless you’re help someone in the niche because you’re an expert yourself. 

You’re more confident and happy trying a distinct segment where you’ve got more to feature.


Mistake #4:- Spreading Yourself Too Thin

The temptation is great, especially for brand spanking new affiliate marketers, to spread themselves too thin by branching out into too many markets. Maybe they buy 50 domains all in one go , or they start out blogging in 13 different niches in one week.

But this is really shortsightedness, ignorance and folly.

You should specialize in one or two key niches at a time, and extending yourself once you’ve made some real headway into those niches. Unless you are going hire someone to manage multiple blogs, multiple products, multiple email lists, multiple social media pages and accounts… you’re doing yourself an enormous disservice if you diversify too widely in the beginning.

Choose two or three markets initially, and only diversity further once you’ve really made some real headway into those first niches. Once you’ve got some decent traffic, a tiny list that’s growing, some social media presence that’s making a difference… then you’ll be in a better position trying out new niches.

Don’t make the mistake of spreading out too far too fast. You’ll find that you simply can never make a true difference in any single niche, because you aren’t putting enough effort into one to form any headway.


Mistake #5:- Joining Too Many Affiliate Programs

Another major temptation for affiliate marketers is to get into too many affiliate programs because they aren’t sure which one’s going to be the foremost profitable for them. Well, let me bring you in on a open secret.

They can ALL be profitable for you!

Trust me, as long as you’re sticking to the legitimate affiliate programs with well-known companies, you’re nearly always getting to see some nice results. There’s a reason why their affiliate programs are so popular!

Start by choosing your two or three initial niches, then find two or three affiliate programs to promote to your lists.

Make sure to find a minimum of one really hot product at each affiliate program that appeals to the emotion that will convert well in your niche, then stick with promoting that product for a while before you try something new.

If you join too many affiliate programs at the same time, you’ll find that you simply take a long while to succeed in the minimum payouts required for every affiliate program, because you’ll be making $2 here, $8 there, $22 somewhere else… it’s madness!

It’s far better to sell three different products via one single affiliate program than it’s to sell fifty products from thirty-five different affiliate programs.

Not only that, but if you’re a member of too many programs, you’ll be more apt to forget the principles of every affiliate network and find yourself getting banned, because there’s just too many to keep track of.

Some of the simplest or hottest affiliate programs include:

>> http://www.clickbank.net 

>> http://affiliate-program.amazon.com

>> http://www.jvzoo.com

>> http://www.neverblue.com

>> http://www.cj.com

>> http://www.linkshare.com

>> http://www.shareasale.com

Check these programs to ascertain which of them have products that fit together with your market and your passion, then persist with those programs for a short time until you see good returns. You may find you never got to move past these few programs.


Mistake #6:- Not Tracking Results

If you begin seeing an honest number of sales, you’ll soon start to wonder which of your marketing efforts is producing the most efficient result.

You’ll obviously want to concentrate more of your efforts on those methods that are making you the most income. But what if you have no idea which areas to concentrate on, because you don’t know which methods are working?


Tracking, quite simply, allows you to know where your traffic is coming from and where it’s going. Simple tracking is as simple as employing a tracking code through your affiliate program.

For example, you’ll create one tracking ID for every website you own on the Amazon affiliate network. Or if you promote products through ClickBank, you’ll add a custom code word to your affiliate links to enable you to find out out where every sale you refer came from.

You could also enter far more detail by using your own affiliate tracking script which will allow you far more detailed information about your clicks and sales. This is advanced stuff, so you would possibly not need it directly . But you actually need SOME kind of tracking in place so you’ll find out which of your methods is functioning best!


Mistake #7:- Giving Up Too Quickly

If I had a dollar for every person I’ve seen give up trying to make money online, I’d be VERY wealthy right now. The internet is suffering from blogs that have just one or two posts, and affiliate accounts that never send the primary referral.

What are some common reasons for giving up?

1 Not making money too quickly

2 Not getting traffic quickly

3 Not getting accepted to many affiliate networks

4 Feeling like it’s too much work

5 Thinking affiliate marketing is a “scam”

The one thing most of these things have in common is expecting things to happen overnight. Affiliate marketing isn’t a “scam” just because you didn’t make $10,000 or even $1,000 your first month. You can’t expect to require a fresh domain with no backlinks to 100,000 pageviews in your first month directly.

These things take time and patience.

If you give up too quickly, you’ll never know what could have been. You never know, you could be subsequently the next internet millionaire, but you’ll never know if you hand over before it happens!


Mistake #8:- Competition Fear

A lot of individuals attempt to stick with the “low hanging fruit”, because they’ve been told that’s what they ought to do as newbies. Or they do it because they’re terrified that they’ll never be able to compete against the millions of other websites out there.


You can compete in ANY niche! I’ve known complete newbies who managed to crack super tough niches like MMO and weight loss right off the bat. Is this likely? Of course not. Is it possible? Definitely.

I don’t advise new affiliate marketers to tackle these extremely tough niches immediately, but you don’t need to choose tiny, obscure niches that aren’t likely to bring  you much money either. If there’s not much competition, it’s because there’s not much money there. Trust me, there ARE no “undiscovered” or “untapped” niches anymore.

There may have been a few years ago, but that ship has sailed. If it can make money, it’s already making someone money. Probably a whole lot of people too.

Don’t fear competition, just be wary of it. You WANT competition, trust me. Too much competition may be a difficult thing to beat , but choose niches that have an honest amount of competition, because that’s where the cash is.


Mistake #9:- Ignoring Competition

While it’s important to not fear competition, it’s also important to be sensible.

Expecting to create a fortune overnight during a super-competitive niche like weight loss may be a sure recipe for disappointment.

What you would like to do within the beginning of your marketing is to target niches that:

1 Have a healthy amount of competition

2 Don’t have overwhelming competition that it’s difficult to command traffic

3 You have some interest or knowledge in

Notice #3 especially. If you’ve got absolutely no interest or knowledge in a niche, it’ll be harder to make content, harder to link together with your target market, harder to sell products you know little to nothing about, and become more difficult for you to get traffic.

Do you really need to be an expert to penetrate a tough market? Absolutely not! In fact, you’ll probably produce best results in a niche that you are simply ignoramus about, just learning as you go.

But if you have absolutely no interest in the subject, it’s going to make it much, much easier to give up. You’ll simply get bored, because your work day becomes such a grind that you’ll throw your hands up in frustration and flip on the TV or head on down the lake to try fishing!

So how does one choose the first few niches?

Make a short list of some interesting and eye-catching topics you have an interest in. I’d say between ten to twenty (10-20) topics would be enough to give you a head start.

Now check to make sure there are:

1 Affiliate products to promote

2 A decent amount of competition

3 Resources available for you to learn from

4 Traffic sources you can take advantage of

As far as competition goes, you would like to seek out niches that have a minimum of 50,000 existing websites. Even a few million isn’t a big deal. Fifty million could be pushing it unless you’ve got money to buy initial promotion.

You can determine what percentage sites there are that mention your topic by searching Google. I search multi-word phrases in quotes to make certain I bring up an accurate number.

I searched for “golf” and got “About 1,310,000,000 results.” WOW! Over a billion! A search for “free cholesterol” came up with “About 95,100,000 results.” That’s much better, but still pretty big. “Pastry making” came up with “About 432,000 results”. That’s definitely a figure you would want to work with because it’s much more reasonable.

Don’t fear competition, but be reasonable about it!


Affiliate marketing isn’t for the faint of heart, or for people that find that they have a tendency to sign out too easily or jump around from one shiny new thing to another without thinking.

It’s actually tons of diligence , and it takes time to create resources like blog traffic and email lists. There are not any shortcuts unless you’ve got the cash to spend for content creation, buying existing websites with traffic, or paying for email subscribers or social network followers.

Always bear in mind these potential mistakes that can retard and stagnate your success as you navigate your way through the precarious world of affiliate marketing. Be sure you’re not making these mistakes, and don’t become lax once you begin making money.

No one is immune to these mistakes!

As long as you’re employed hard, solid marketing strategies, keep at it, and avoid these mistakes, you’re bound to start making money.

But if you hand over your effort too soon, I can guarantee you’ll fail!

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If you have ever been curious about jumping into affiliate marketing but you found yourself asking a thousand different questions such as:

• WHAT kind of products should I promote?
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• HOW do I get paid?

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You know for yourself that affiliate marketing is where the important money is. As an affiliate you do not ever need to worry about the value and time involved in product creation, or handling customer support (Amen!). As an affiliate, your only job is to drive targeted traffic to hot, high converting offers that sell like hotcakes, and then sit back and collect the paycheck at the end of each day.

And now is the best time to get started. You see, years ago affiliate marketing while still viable, required a lot more effort than it does today.

With fewer products on the marketplace, a lower number of viable markets, and limited options in terms of how you got paid, what type of offers you were able to promote and even how you were allowed to market them, and fixing campaigns were often incredibly frustrating and time consuming.

And at the end of the day, it wasn’t always so rewarding, especially if you weren’t even sure how much you earned or when you’d get paid for all of the work involved.

But today, the affiliate marketing arena is entirely different. Not only are you given unlimited options in regards to the type of products you promote, but there is an endless supply of high quality products in every market imaginable that you can feel proud to promote.

Don’t forget, in affiliate marketing, your name is all that you have and so the last thing you ever want to do is promote shoddy offers or questionable products. Thankfully, with an ever-growing marketplace that was created with affiliate marketers in mind – and where the whole community is concentrated on transparency, you’ll never need to worry about any of that again!

Here is the ultimate affiliate resource available to you today: https://www.JVZoo.com

When JV Zoo popped onto the scene, everything changed almost instantly. It was quickly picked up by thousands of marketer’s who were eager to spread the word. They wanted their products featured in the marketplace and they wanted their affiliates to sign up to promote their offers. It was a win-win situation.

But what made JV Zoo so incredibly remarkable was it’s incredible ease of use. Within minutes you can set up an affiliate account and start browsing through the marketplace of high quality products and even if you don’t know what markets to focus on, you can join their affiliate newsletter and receive tips and suggestions on hot products to consider!

It’s one of the easiest ways to get started in affiliate marketing today.

You’ll be able to gain instant access to the newest, freshest and highest quality products online, plus you’ll be able to connect directly with merchants and product developers while participating in affiliate contests and promotions – all from within one ever-growing community!

To help you get started, we’ve created this special report focusing on the benefits of joining JVZoo and more importantly, how you can start making money as a JVZoo affiliate right away.

Best of all, there are absolutely no start-up or upfront costs involved so you’re free to start making money without spending it.

Let me show you how!

Instant Payday Every Day

JV Zoo did what few other marketplaces were able to do – they found a way to easily connect product owners with active affiliates who are eager to promote them. They knew exactly what affiliate marketer’s AND merchants wanted and built their entire platform on the basis of this one, all-important component: Instant Commission Payments!
Here’s how it works:

1) You create your affiliate account at https://www.JVZoo.com
2) You connect your Paypal account to your JV Account.
3) You choose high converting products to promote.
4) You funnel traffic to these offers.
5) You get paid instantly!

With JVZoo there is no waiting around for payments. Their entire system runs on automating the payment process so that you are paid instantly through Paypal each time you make a sale.

JV Zoo utilizes Paypal’s adaptive payment system that allows payments to be split – so that one payment goes directly to you and the remaining payment goes to the merchant or vendor.

But it gets even better. With the old way of handling split payments, the script used to direct a customer through the payment process would typically rotate the order button. This was done to distribute payments between the sellers and affiliate marketers based on the sellers payout offer.

So for example, an affiliate generated a sale on a product that offered 50% commissions, the first sale would be made directly via Paypal to the vendor and the second sale would go through the affiliate’s Paypal account. The problem with this is an obvious one: Refund rates went through the roof!

Customers were confused.

They didn’t understand why they were paying split payments and in many cases they would simply assume that they had paid twice by accident or were over-charged for the payment. Even when affiliates and vendors tried to clarify the system to potential customers it only further convoluted the entire process. In response, customers would request refunds even before they had a chance to enjoy the product.

And it got worse. When a customer requested a refund the vendor would have to check their account to confirm that they received it and if not, they had to find the affiliate responsible and contact them on the customer’s behalf.

Then, the vendor had to have faith that the affiliate would immediately make a refund to the customer. Needless to say, it was a total logistics nightmare!

But with JVZoo, a single payment is made and split between the affiliate, the vendor and JVZoo itself. And if a customer ever requests a refund, Paypal can automatically deduce the split payment amount from all accounts involved. No nonsense, no hassle.

In fact, JVZoo handles all customer support for all buyers acting as the middleman between you, the vendors you promote and the customers you recruit. This frees up your time and gives you the peace of mind that your reputation is never on the line. Customers will always be taken care of.

Imagine just how more motivated you would be if you knew that you’d get paid TODAY for all of your marketing efforts.

No worrying about paychecks ending up “lost in the mail” (Ha! Never again!), or merchant’s ripping you off with lower payment amounts. Simply choose a hot product from JVZoo’s marketplace and once approved you can begin generating instant cash right away!

Choosing Guaranteed Sellers

Once you’ve set up your JVZoo account it’s time to select the products that you are going to promote. For many, this is the hardest part. They just aren’t sure what kind of products are currently selling, what is most likely to convert and whether the products are going to continue to sell later on should they take the time to set up a pre-sell page or create a bonus offer.

The easiest way to uncover hot selling products is to run a quick “search scan” on a handful of products you are interested in promoting. Begin by scanning the JVZoo marketplace, create a swipe file of potential products (writing down the merchant name and product title, along with commission offered), and then run it through Google.com. Look at what others are saying about the product, whether there are other affiliates promoting it and if there is a lot of positive feedback about the product.

You should do the same thing with vendors and merchants. It’s important to know who you are promoting because it ultimately reflects on you, the affiliate. You never want to direct people to questionable products or to merchants who don’t offer prompt customer support so run a quick search on everyone you plan to work with, as well as every product you plan to promote. It might end up saving you a lot of frustration (and trouble) later on.

One of the great features of JVZoo is that they’ve made it very easy to search for top products to promote.

Begin by visiting https://www.JVZoo.com/affiliates/findproducts and enter in keywords relating to different niches or markets that you are interested in.

You can also search and sort the entire “Find products” page based on certain criteria. For example, if you are interested in finding hot new WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers) to promote, you can sort products based on those available through the Warrior Forum. Just select “WSO” from the filter drop down box on the product search page!

For those who are interested in promoting products from the marketing, eCommerce and online business space, here are a few reputable sellers worth considering:

Jeremy Gislason

Types of products currently available:
Traffic generation, SEO, affiliate marketing, PLR, exclusive rights products, business tools & software, and much more.

Simon Hodgkinson

Types of products currently available:
Blogging tools, mobile marketing products, list building products, sales page graphics and much more.

Other Merchants:

Tip: You can subscribe to any merchant page by clicking the “Subscribe” button on their profile. When you subscribe to a vendor’s page you will receive automated updates whenever a new product is available!

Another great feature of JVZoo is that they easily integrate into Warrior Forum offers (WSO’s). So if you are a current member of the WarriorForum.com you can easily scout out current offers from members you know and trust.

The integration is done through their “Automated WSO Failover System” which essentially recreates the offer so that the information is available directly on JVZoo. That also means that in the event the Warrior Forum goes down for any period of time, sales will never be affected!

Profitable Affiliate Competitions

One of the easiest ways to make more money in affiliate marketing, while building a recognized name (so that people begin to come to you with additional offers, networking opportunities and future partnerships) is to join as many affiliate challenges and competitions as possible.

Not only will you make more money but also you’ll be able to claim your share of valuable prizes and rewards while pushing your name out in front of key players.

One of the easiest ways to stay on top of upcoming launches through JVZoo as well as the entire online business arena is to subscribe to https://www.JVNotifyPro.com – a free online community that publishes news and information on upcoming product launches.

You should also join the Warrior Forum at https://www.WarriorForum.com paying special attention to the WSO (Warrior Special Offers) section as many products offered through the JVZoo platform are first announced there.

Once you’ve uncovered an affiliate competition that you’re interested in, create a file for the offer that includes all of the affiliate promotional tools and material available.

This may include graphics, ad copy, email copy, blog posts, articles and more. These were designed to help you build powerful campaigns that will convert, so take advantage of all the creative that are made available to you.

Next, secure important virtual real estate so that you’re able to swipe traffic from the search engines. This would include a Squidoo URL (https://www.Squidoo.com), blogger.com and WordPress.com websites and maybe a keyword-based domain name in the event you plan to create full content sites around the products you are promoting.

You can also find affiliate contests directly through JVZoo as well. Here’s an example of a recent competition made available to JVZoo affiliate members:


Make sure to stay subscribed to JVZoo’s newsletter so that you’re given immediate notice of upcoming contests and competitions.

Just the same, you should subscribe to your favorite vendors product and news feed so that you can receive alerts whenever they are ready to roll out a new product or launch an affiliate competition.

You can find the subscription link on every vendor’s profile page as shown below:

Make More Money From Every Campaign

One of the easiest ways to jack up sales and stand out from the crowd is to offer auxiliary components and bonus products to those who purchase through your JVZoo affiliate link.

Everyone loves freebies and so by offering bonus products that are valuable and exclusively available through your affiliate link you are instantly able to beef up the value of the entire offer – at no extra cost to your customer!

(Not only will this instantly increase conversion rates but people will absolutely love you! You can easily build a trusted brand just by over-delivering value with every product you promote.)

Think about it – if you were going to purchase a product anyway but someone offered you something extra, at no cost, just to purchase through their link – why wouldn’t you do it?

It’s not costing you anything yet you are able to get more bang out of your buck. Well that’s exactly why bonus products have always worked so well for affiliates, and always will. It’s our way of increasing the value of the products we promote even though we have absolutely no part of the creation process.

We just add extra goodies to the offer that we know will help the customer and we’re good to go!

So, what kind of bonus offers should you offer to potential customers?

It all depends on the type of product you are promoting.

For example if you were promoting a product that taught beginners how to get involved in social media, you might offer a bonus package that included a “Cheat Sheet of High Quality Social Media Sites“, or a package of twitter backgrounds or Facebook marketing graphics. As long as your bonus is themed to what the main product is about and extends the value in some way, it’s bound to
be a hot seller.

The cool thing about JVZoo is that they also offer instant bonus fulfillment so that you never have to worry about making sure bonus products are delivered to customers!

Just fill in a simple form that includes the product title, bonus name, URL (or you can upload the bonus package to JVZoo’s servers) and it’s set to go! JVZoo will automatically deliver it with every successful sale. Talk about true automation and simplicity! Even total newbies can become heavy-hitters in the affiliate arena just by taking advantage of the many options available to them through JVZoo.

And aside from simplifying things, JVZoo will also save you money by offering to host the products for you!

The Ultimate Handshake
Once you’ve secured your place in the affiliate marketing arena by doing the necessary footwork such as establishing a reputation for honesty and value and promoting the heck out of people’s products, it’s likely that you’re going to end up on the radar of countless marketer’s and product developers. When this happens, you’ll be given the unique opportunity to join forces with some of the most recognized merchants online!

It truly is the ultimate handshake because once you’ve begun to show up on the “Who’s Who” list in the affiliate marketing arena you’ll open unlimited doors and be given instant access to countless opportunities to network and partner up with the best of the best.

This is also a great time to begin building your very own affiliate army who can promote your products!

You want to align with the strongest force in your market and you can easily do this by identifying the top 5-10 key players and becoming part of their circle.

And how do you do this?

By becoming their #1 affiliate!

What better way to get their attention than by sending them a massive swarm of fresh, new customers? Create an entire campaign around a leading marketer in your niche and do everything possible to promote their very best products.

Set up landing pages, build content pages around their products, set up a quick review page on Squidoo.com to generate quick traffic through your links and generate as much exposure as possible through multiple channels.

This might include:

 Forum marketing
 Solo ads & ad swaps
 Newsletter/Ezine advertising
 Social media
 Email marketing (if you already have a list)

That’s the key to being able to approach JV partners when it comes time to launch your own product within JVZoo or from your own website.

Even if they don’t personally know you, they’ll be able to RECOGNIZE you instantly.

Begin by choosing 2-3 vendors to promote. Then, create campaigns around their hottest-selling products. Create bonus offers to entice potential customers to purchase through your affiliate link and launch a full-scale marketing campaign that includes social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc), run solo ads, create an email list through www.Safe-Swaps.com and through forums and community sites.

The more effort you put into driving in new customers, the easier it will be to build a long-term business of your own because not only will you make money from the offers you promote but you’ll put yourself in a position of being able to call on the gurus to promote your products in return!

Once you’ve proven that you can bring in customers, you’ll be in the position of reaping the many rewards that come to successful affiliates, including:

 Receiving review copies of hot selling products.
 Being notified before public launch (giving you the opportunity to set up your
    campaigns long before launch day!)
 Being offered a higher commission.
 Receiving private invitations into group events and joint venture partnerships.
 Network opportunities with leading merchants.
 And much more!

So get out there and start promoting reputable vendors and marketers! It’s never been easier to build your affiliate business than it is today and JVZoo has made it even easier.

To your long and lasting success,

Adrian Brown

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