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Network Marketing – Home-Based Business – Working From Home is Fantastic, But It’s Not For Everyone

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Expert Author Adrian T Brown
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I am a home-based business savvy online network marketer. The question is, are you in a J.O.B.? Which really means: Jumping Out of Bed, Journey Of the Broke, or Just Over Broke. Is your sleep always cut short by the alarm clock? Are you stressed and tired of the times wasted in long line of traffic every day? Do you want to get out of your dead-end JOB and pay-check to pay-check lifestyle?

We all need to start our Home-based Business. Working a JOB is hopeless case to achieve any form of freedom. Freedom to wake up when you are finished sleeping! Freedom to spend more time with your family and do the things you really enjoy. Freedom to go where you want without begging the boss for some time off.

If Your Business Owns You…

One sure and quick way to gain your freedom is to start your own home-based business, but it’s not all businesses provide true freedom. If you own a business where you have to go every morning to open the doors, daily stress of supervising employees, renting office space with tons of paper work, spending sixteen hours daily to maximize profit, then you don’t own the business at all, the business owns you.

There are a huge number of home-based business and work at home opportunities offered on the Internet. Many of these are all hype trying to convince you that it doesn’t take any effort and that you will be making huge amounts of money in very short space of time.

You will be making $10,000 or more the first week. Just think about it seriously, if is was so easy as they claimed, everyone would be rich.

Could This Be Right For You?

You should study the home-based business opportunities carefully and select the online network marketing business opportunity that seems to fit your own particular style or talents.

What is a good choice for one person may not be the same fit for someone else.

The common thread that applies to everyone is that you must be for real and the home-based business opportunity itself does work for real.

When you are successful in your own online network marketing home-based business from the comfort of your home, you are free to set your own hours, take vacations when you want and where you want to go with money to spend. No office to open, no employees to hassles or paperwork to manage.

Are You Still Dreaming?

It is the correct thing to dream and dream big.

However, some people are asleep and keep on dreaming all or most of their life. You must be sensitive to opportune time, be pro active and take action. 

Do you dream of waking up and do not have to face the bumper traffic to work?

Do you long for the day to come when you don’t have to work with that miserable colleague or that boss who won’t get off your back?

Are you one of the many who want to tell the boss to take a hike?

If you are, it is important to ask yourself some very serious questions before you make the first step, and the most important one is WHY you want an online network marketing home-based business?

When you have satisfied the why, then the other elements will fall in place. If the answer is in anything I have mentioned above, then you are on the right path to unlock the door to your freedom.

Do you have unfulfilled dreams?

Do you have a burning desire to be successful?

That is the passion you need in this home-based business. One person with a dream can accomplish more than 100 others without one. If you have a burning desire, you can accomplish anything.

Three Keys For Success In Network Marketing

When it comes to the business of succeeding online – whether you are just starting your own online business, or you are just earning money as an affiliate, or something more, there is a world of of information, if you are not careful, you can become confused about what really works.

You may get advise to create a content-rich site, some say. But that’s easier said than done.

Go publish an ezine, say others. But what would you have to say?

How to become a super affiliate we often hear. 

For the few years I’ve been online, I have been blessed to be able to learn from others examples. Sometimes I learned from watching others succeed online.

And sometimes I learned from painful (and costly) trial and error. Based on all of that, I’d like to share with you three keys that I believe can help you succeed this online home-based business.

Get To Know Your Passion And Purpose

The good thing about the Internet is that there are so many different ways to make money.

And the bad thing about the Internet is that there are so many different ways to make money. 

So what are you to do?

Know yourself.

Respond to what feels right, what sounds right to you. Only do what  your conscience tells you and you at at peace when executing.

If something you are considering does not yet make sense, the wise thing to do is learn more before spending your hard earned cash.

Remember what you learned as a youth — if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Nowhere is that more true than on the Internet, where scammers and snake-oil salesmen in abundance.

So, how specifically does ‘knowing yourself’ help you succeed online?

Here is my best advice …

Give yourself time to find what fits YOU instead of trying to make yourself fit into any business or program.

If you are losing sleep over the ability to pay your bills and need some very quick money, you may be much better off getting a second job for a while than starting an online business.

That may not be the advice you are accustom to hear. But it’s the advice I would give my son.

If you have difficulty finding a job in your area, you may consider working for someone online in order to make fast money. You would be surprised how many successful online business people don’t have time to do what they know they should do, for example:

  • You could submit articles for marketers who don’t have much time to write them.
  • The same thing with a YouTube channel, but don’t because they are busy with other matters.
  • They know they should do more with social media but just don’t have the time.

There ARE situations where trading time for money makes very good sense – times where the efforts you make MUST bring a return or you will lose everything. In times like that risk is to be avoided.

Doing what you know will bring in a return is the common sense choice.

You may be thinking “sounds good but I’m not a writer. Don’t let that stop you. You have skills right now and the chances are, there is a market for what you know or know how to do. Find that market and find the work if what you need is money this week.

A bird in the hand still beats two in the bush, and making any real money online when you are just starting out is hard. Very hard. Especially if you are in a situation where you can’t afford to spend time on advertising or other promotion methods. It’s a real catch 22 and sometimes working your way out is the best solution.

The truth you are not being told is that the “overnight success”stories are by FAR the exception… IF they are even telling the truth. Most “overnight successes” I know have been working at their trade for a long time before their name becomes “known”.

I’m betting you know these things “in your gut” so trust yourself when the voice in your head says “better think twice”.

Here’s another example…

If you are staying up until the wee hours of the morning viewing site after site that sound too good to be true then you are likely headed for trouble.

Someone is about to pick your pocket.

It might be with the promise of huge commissions or of doing all the work for you (why would they do that?) but one way or the other they are going to take your money.

When we are tired, frustrated and feeling a little desperate is the time when we make mistakes. We push on past logic and hope against hope that this site will be different. That this person might be your ticket out.

So be careful. Very careful.


What does that mean? It means stop looking for the next big thing and start looking for the next real thing.

Specifically, if a business you are considering does not make sense to you but is asking you to ‘trust them’ please don’t.

Business online is just like business offline. Those who stick with things succeed. Those who jump around don’t. Those who invest time and money in things that seem right and have worked for others do well over time.

Nowhere is this more evident that in affiliate marketing.  I’ve read, but not confirmed, that the average person starting out in affiliate marketing stays with the program they choose for less than 90 days.

My friend, VERY few people succeed at anything new in less than 90 days … especially if they are doing that business part time. Are there exceptions? Sure. Will you be one of them? I hope so but it’s not something one can count on.

How about this alternative? Forget the word ‘opportunity’ for a moment and focus on the word ‘business.’

Here are a few clarifying questions that might help:

  • Is the business you are considering delivering a real product?
  • Does that product help people achieve meaningful goals?
  • Do you understand how the business works?
  • Have you succeeded with the system you intend to promote?
  • Could you explain the business to your best friend and be comfortable?
  • WOULD you share the business with your best friend and still be comfortable in the friendship?

If you answered yes to all of these questions you are in a great position for success. If not the odds of success become much lower.

Study the lives of great men and women and see how they did seemingly impossible things because they had a dream. Adrian T Brown dreams are unfolding as they should. What about you?

Hi I’m Adrian Brown the savvy online marketer challenging you to Enjoy Life. Think about it, you work long and hard, and most times is to make others rich who are enjoying the best of life at your expense.

Two things you should aim to achieve in life, mind your own home-based business, and enjoy the most out of life.

Are you struggling to get the best out of life? Well, game’s over, take the bull by the horn and start enjoying life today in Jamaica.

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