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SiteGround.com is a web hosting company providing cloud hosting, shared hosting, and dedicated servers.

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The SiteGround TEAM

There is a wide range of hosting services online, I use SiteGround services because they are the leading game-changer in the hosting space — from easily accessible software solutions to arguably the number one customer support system I have ever experienced.

My Review Siteground: I have been using Siteground for the past 2 years, (at the time of writing this review), as a happy and satisfied customer. I am overly confident that if I get stuck with a challenge, live chat tech support is there 24/7 to get me up and running.

They have honestly never failed to solve my concerns. There are always willing, polite and incredibly helpful support staff I find delightful to deal with.

SiteGround is officially recommended by WordPress.org, Joomla and Drupal. They have grown to accumulate 800,000 plus domain names worldwide, with data centers across United States, Europe and even Asia in the short 13 years since they started out with only one employee back in 2004.

That is putting them among the youngest in the web hosting business today. That is certainly an impressive growth rate, therefore they must be doing something right to achieve such ascent faster than many of their older rivals. And speaking of speed, SiteGround has a reputation for how fast websites can load.

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There are certain speed technologies that make all this possible
• SuperCacherFASTER CMS
Review SiteGround Speed Technology

Custom-Built Customer Service: Chat and Ticketing Systems

Why is SiteGround so *hostfully* strong? Let me tell you, their customer service has been their claim to fame, without the shadow of a doubt. I’m telling you, customers come to SiteGround for the support, only to be pleasantly surprised by the level of custom solutions built in to make the hosting experience a stress-free relationship.

SiteGround has created an in-house chat-room software. This allows you to select and give your own rating with thoroughly vetted customer service agents with whom you’ve worked previously. They have designed their own ticketing system too, which enable technical support representatives quickly and easily help customers in specific tasks.

In-House Solutions: Shared, WordPress, Cloud, & Dedicated

Review SiteGround
Review SiteGround


Their entire business is now tied to their in-house software solutions for customer support.

All of their infrastructure, and their code beds are done internally. SiteGround has a well known reputation for up-time rates of 99.996% annually and 99.999% monthly. All SiteGround hosting service users benefit from their unique downtime prevention system, I cannot remember when my site has ever been down.

SiteGround has a one-of-a-kind server isolation system for their shared hosting service.

That system prevents vulnerable servers from taking down a whole network. They have replaced their Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting by building their own cloud container platform, featuring thousands of containers and top-of-the-line scalability and security. And security on the web is synonymous with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates.

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Every Site Should Have an SSL

Review SiteGround Solid Security

The World Wide Web is obviously moving into the direction of making HTTPS the preferred, if not the compulsory, protocol. And these are just few of the reasons why this trend will continue to be massive in 2017 and onward:Google has officially announced that HTTPS will be a factor for search results standings.

Siteground has made the transitions to HTTPS for their users easier than ever.

What Are The Cons of Review SiteGround

When you compare SiteGround with other hosting providers is like comparing apples with oranges because plans generally come with various levels and features.

Having said that, there are certain functions and capacities you should look out for when comparing hosting providers: One is – Domains (how many websites you can run on your account), Secondly, Databases (how many software installs you can run), and thirdly Disk Space (how many files you can upload to your account).

One thing is for sure, with SiteGround, you are of course paying for top-notch quality. So if we are to focused on their raw price point for example, and not on overall value, we could say that they are a bit expensive than other high performing independent hosting companies.

Limitations of Their Plan
I have found their plan limitations to be some what of a disadvantage in and of themselves. Instead of limiting databases or domains, they limit disk space across all their shared plans. Shared hosting servers sometimes experienced difficulties handling too many visitors coming to your site at the same time.

Say for example you get mentioned on Good Morning America. Therefore, it is the norm to go after the number of websites that are bringing in visitors, instead of the number of files uploaded on to the server.

I am confident SiteGround has persuasive arguments for putting a cap on what they control – and it could possibly make their service more reliable.

After all, to be fair, their setup can more than handle over 100k visitors if your website should get mentioned on a popular website as a one time activity, and they will not suspend your account.

Even if you should have something going viral and generate a lot of traffic.

And technically speaking, no host can really offer unlimited plans – there is usually some form of abuse caps detailed in the terms of service.

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The Orientation of Developer
Target market, that is, starting with small business is usually the initial starting point for most web hosting companies, and then work themselves towards complementary markets of medium to large businesses.

Review SiteGround-CPanel

SiteGround however, possibly because of their solidly unmatched support system, they seems to position themselves towards the professional developer market, that is, developers creating websites for businesses.

That may not be a bad thing of itself – it can be a good feature if you are a developer – but to the general audience it is more difficult to appeal to them. The majority of SiteGround’s overall feel is simply straightforward, many of their features do not have much appeal or use for a general audience, especially when compared to many of their competitors.

I notice their top tier plan offers a WordPress staging area and GIT integration. While these are outstanding features, the average person creating a website do not use them. SiteGround also does not offer the range of marketing bonuses that other hosting plans have. I use to think such bonuses were common features across the board, but at SiteGround it’s not.

Comparing SiteGround with Other Host Providers

SiteGround vs. GoDaddy

These are two trusted brands in the web hosting industry. Undeniably GoDaddy is by far the biggest brand and has better overall and short term pricing. However, SiteGround’s support and technology are much better than GoDaddy, even though GoDaddy has made improvement in this area since 2013.

Unless you have reasons to go with GoDaddy, you’ll get a much better product from SiteGround. They both present a wide range of options to get your site online. SiteGround is a genius at customer support, with their custom-made ticketing and chat systems.

GoDaddy has the resources and technology because they support more than 13 million customers.

Despite that fact, the world’s number one domain registrar gives customers a free domain for only a year, while SiteGround gives you a free domain name for a lifetime.

SiteGround vs. InMotion

Review SiteGround
Siteground Review 2021

High performance, solid security, top notch speed, ascent scale — some of the buzzwords to describe either of these hosting providers. Both known in the hosting community for superior support, SiteGround and InMotion are industry leaders when it comes to helping growing businesses scale upward.

Review SiteGround

They both have superb features, experienced support team and high performance. They offer competitive packages with powerful hardware, round-the-clock monitoring, and premier service.

However, InMotion’s has a better pricing overall, especially once you factor in upgrade fees. But remember, we might be comparing apples with oranges. InMotion also has a 90 day guarantee, on boarding is better, and smooth WordPress installs.

But think about this, not to be outdone, SiteGround has features like automatic staging, free SSLs and global data centers.

SiteGround vs. Bluehost

These are two fierce competitors in the WordPress hosting arena, both SiteGround and Bluehost offer services for shared hosting, virtual Private Server (VPS), and dedicated server customers. Bluehost is a well-known brands on the market.

They are ahead of SiteGround on price, and they have better “bonuses” and side upgrade. However, SiteGround is light-years ahead with performance and core hosting features, If performance matters more to you – then pay a bit extra for SiteGround.

SiteGround WordPress plugin SG Optimizer is a tool that enhances the performance level. The PHP 7 brings considerable performance boost that make it easier for all the WordPress customers to change their PHP version to PHP 7. They have updated their WordPress plugin SG Optimizer for you to move to PHP 7 with a click!

SiteGround vs. HostGator

These two are best known for offering good web hosting with great features for very affordable prices.

Although they both seem to have offer it all, you can identify areas they have specialized in different hosting niches.

SiteGround Affiliate Programme

HostGator is better known for shared hosting, and SiteGround’s well developed hardware and higher cost make them better suited for the more experienced site owners.

SiteGround Payment Plan

However, SiteGround has better support and performance. So again, choosing between them, I would go with SiteGround for great value & better performance.


There must be a reason SiteGround Hosting is one of the fastest growing independent hosting companies.

They have a solid product and a great support system. SiteGround is among the highest rated and most popular hosting provider on the web in general and in WordPress community in particular.

Review SiteGround

They provide a one-of-a-kind in-house WordPress speed and security solutions.

These solutions enable your site(s) to function as fast and secure as possible. They have an outstanding 24/7 support system hands down, and they are widely known in the industry for this. And that is what makes them an official ‘WordPress’ recommended hosting provider.

Their headquarter is in Bulgaria which allows them to be much more globally oriented than many US companies. While at the same time offering a truly world-class product.

Some of SiteGround cool features include automatic upgrades, built-in WP caching, great Content Delivery System (CDN), one-click staging and GIT version control. They are also one of the few companies providing location specific hosting with 3 data centers in Europe, USA, and Asia. On top of all this, they have ? special 60% discount for WP Beginner customers.

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